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Tell me about the different yarns...

We have four different yarns on offer from The Rushlade Wool Company. Every skein is 100% British wool from our own sheep. We sort the wool and it goes to a local mill, is spun and brought back on to the farm for dyeing, packing and sending out.

We started with the Merino yarn. Just 100% pure merino wool from our small flock of merino ewes and oh my, it is AMAZING! The fibre is so fine that it is really very comfortable to wear against the skin. Even people that ‘can’t wear wool’ because they have sensitive skin..hands up that was me...EVEN YOU CAN PROBABLY WEAR THIS. Merino yarn is a cool white so it is a great blank canvas for dyeing and absorbed the dye really well.

We also have some Dartmoor Merino. They are the result of a year when we didn’t have a Merino ram and so ‘Mat’ the pedigree Whiteface Dartmoor went to the Merino ewes and we loved the result which seemed to hold the best of both breeds with a stronger animal than the Merino but still maintaining lots of it’s fibre characteristics. The Whiteface Dartmoor is a local rare breed for us here on Dartmoor so we are always really pleased to see the breed bring great results. Its not quite as fine as the Merino but it is still very soft and super comfortable to wear. I’ve been testing out scarves etc so that I am wearing it against my super sensitive (yawn!) skin and I have had no problem at all! Not an itch or a twitch, it’s a dream.

Dartmoor Merino Yarn

As well as introducing the Dartmoor Merino in December 2020 we also added Masham and a lambs blend. These two yarns, although DK spun are a finer yarn.

The Masham has a gorgeous long curly lock and the yarn has got the most gorgeous shine to it that really make it stand out. It makes a lovely all rounder and we will post more blogs about it as we see it used more and have more examples to share. We are excited to see it become jumpers, blankets and socks over the coming months.

The lambs blend includes the wool from Whiteface Dartmoor, Teeswater and Dalesbred lambs - some great British breeds! When you put it against the Merino it isn’t as soft but that’s an unfair comparison when you are talking about Merino. It offers a slightly harder wearing fibre, less prone to fluff and pil and again great for a huge range of projects.

We have a sample card available in the shop online so you can have a look at the yarns and compare before buying should you wish to and as always we love to see what you have been making so do send us pictures and tag us in your post on social media!!

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