• Bringing together the very best of the Whiteface Dartmoor and Merino, this fleece is the first of its kind* and is already a hit with experienced spinners!  
    A super fine and soft silky crimp, the Dartmoor x Merino is, unless otherwise stated, a clean and lustrous fibre with a length of 6 inches (4-6inches throughout the fleece).  
    The Dartmoor x Merinos have been born and bred by us in Devon as part of a small family farm with lots of love and care. We are a family with generations of sheep farming behind us, its absolutley in our blood and we wouldn't want to be anywhere else! 
    This is  RAW FLEECE, direct from the sheep that has lived a life exploring the devon countryside, some amount of vegetation, dirt, sweat and poo is inevitable. As with all of our fleeces we endeavour to provide a true and accurate description in both the wording and pictures that we provide. However, every fleece will have some variance throughout. Some areas will be dirtier, there may be a break/rise in places creating neps and wastage and there will be a variable amount of VM. All fleeces have however been skirted and we would like to minimise the amount of wastage that you will have from your purchase. If you should have any concerns of queries please do not hesitate to contact us.  * we do not believe that this cross has been bred before and thus our shearlings are the first of their kind.  Regretably we are not able to accept the return of any fleece. This is becuase we would not be able to re-sell a product that we have not stored ourself and therefore cannot be sure of the quality of the storage and any risk of contamination or infestation.

    Dartmoor x Merino