• We have a number of Texel and Texel X fleeces that are great for a variety of uses such as stuffing for cushions. With so much fleece to sort every year we wouldn't normally advertise these fleeces but decided to make them availbale to purchase on a basic bargain basis! This means we have a few pictures to give you an idea, no weight etc. Fleeces will be picked at random and skirted before being sent to you. We will check each fleece still to ensure that it is a good quality and usable product, we are just keeping the cost low by minimising the marketing! There may be some marker. Fleeces are £4 each or if you enter code 'texel3' when purchasing 2 fleeces you will get 1 extra free!  If you should have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us. These are raw fleeces and whilst we willl try to pick out any vegetable matter, animal waste etc there is likely to be some in your fleece and appropriate care should be taken when handling this product.

    Texel & Texel X Fleeces