• A luxury deep pile British Sheepskin.  These beautiful Whiteface Dartmoor Mule Sheep Skins are of a very high quality with gorgeous locks and ringlets. Each one is completely unique with only a very limited number being produced each year.  Sizes vary between approximately 70 - 90cm width x 92-105cm length.  Seconds- this one is a little knotted at the base in places and gas s tiny faded green patch from the ewes paint. All hardly noticeable except the £30off price tag at just £60!!! (Normally £90) 

    All of our products come from the fleeces of a small family flock within the Dartmoor National Park. We rear, shear and sort all of the wool on the farm and use a tannery within just a few miles of the farm. The farm has a variety of different breeds of sheep to suit the varied landscape and to achieve a variety of different fleeces. The Whiteface Dartmoor ewes are a fantastic local breed suited to the farms rougher and steeper land which they graze alongside the Merino's (Bowmonts) who also thrive on the more 'Dartmoor' terrain! The Whitefaces are crossed with a Blue faced Leicester Ram to produce the more elegant 'Mule' with softer glossier locks whilst retaining the Dartmoor's excellent mothering and hardiness. We are very lucky to have Britain's oldest established sheepskin tannery within 5 miles of the farm. The tannery still employs traditional processing techniques with local people.Only a very limited number of skins are produced each year which means that you are getting a premium and exclusive high quality product, each one being totally unique! Postage - Sheepskins are sent by Royal Mail special delivery and will arrive with you the morning after postage which will be within 2 working days of your order. Tracking information is available by request. If you should require an alternative form of postage please do not hesitate to contact us in advance of placing your order and we will accommodate your request where possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you should have any queries - rushladewool@gmail.com

    Luxury Whiteface Dartmoor Mule Sheep Skin 2nds

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