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  • Jessica Steer - The Rushlade Wool Company

Off to the Mill - The Natural Fibre Company

It's been an exciting week for The Rushlade Wool Company with a trip to Launceston and The Natural Fibre Company to drop of our first batch of wool for processing. It’s the start of the next phase of the business with skeins of our Bowmont Merino wool expected back in the next few months.

We regularly get asked for yarn and when ever we take samples of our spinning to demonstrate the product we ALWAYS struggle to keep hold of them!!!

We are very lucky to have a relatively local mill here in the South West that we can use to keep the miles and carbon footprint of our products down to a minimum. Our pledge into 2018 is to reduce our impact as much as possible and I have been busy researching packaging all week.  It's a bit of a minefield and I think I will have to go with my gut instinct for the final decision but avoiding any contribution to the oceans of plastic is something that we are very conscious of. ... I think I see the topic of another blog emerging.. 

We were lucky to be given a tour of the Launceston mill and a good look at the machinery that makes light work of the task - I was particularly envious of the massive carding machine!

We are always planning the next years expansion plans and are excited for the years ahead of us, inspired by the mill today. So many possibilities ...

Many thanks to The Natural Fibre Company 


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