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Merino - Amazingly soft pure 100% Merino wool. Merino has a super fine fibre which makes it very comfortable to wear and incredibly soft. 

Dartmoor Merino - We bred the Dartmoor Merino sheep from a Whiteface Dartmoor ram and Merino ewes to bring the amazing fine quality of the Merino together with the strength of the wonderful rare breed Whiteface Dartmoor. 

Masham - The yarn has a wonderful shine which gives the colours of our dyed yarns a wonderful vibrancy. 

Lambs Blend - A blend of wonderful british breeds of lambs wool the yarn includes the lustrous Teeswater as well as Dalesbred and our local rare breed, Whiteface Dartmoor. 

All of our yarn is from our own sheep here on Dartmoor. Our yarns are spun just up the road in Launceston before coming back to the farm for dyeing in small batches making every skein totally unique.


Custom Orders - If you are looking for a larger batch of wool for a specific project then get in touch for a custom order. Every skein is hand dyed and unique so we will prepare the yarns and send pictures before an order is finalised.


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