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  • Our *Forage Dyed* yarns have been carefully hand dyed on farm using natural dyes collected from around the farm. These gorgeous skeins are on a Masham base which has a lovely shine and lustre. 


    This colour is dyed with Rhubarb leaves giving a green colour. The leaves were from our own garden (post crumble making of course!). Rhubarb is a fantastic plant for a dyer becuase the leaves act as a modant, opening up the fibre to accept colour. For this reason you will find rhubarb in many of our Foraged Dyed yarns rather than using any chemicals! It also means that this is a great option if you would like to try some dyeing yourself as this yarn can be soaked and then added to a natural dye plant that you have foraged to create your own dyed yarn! 


    From their home on our farm within the Dartmoor National Park, our sheep are lovingly raised to produce this amazing fibre which is then spun locally to create our yarns.


    100g of DK is approximately 165m in length.


    All of our skeins are hand dyed and not mass produced which mean that there are some colour variances.

    *Forage Dyed with Rhubarb * - Hand Dyed Masham DK 100g

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