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Luxury British Sheepskins

These large, deep, curly locked sheepskins offer a luxurious addition to your home.

We produce only a very limited number of these skins each year from our home bred Whiteface Dartmoor Mules.

The sheep are from the rare breed Whiteface Dartmoor sheep. Local to our area within the Dartmoor National Park in Devon, these relatively small and long wooled ewes are hardy and excellent mothers which we cross with a Bluefaced Leicester ram who brings a range of different characteristics including improving the quality of the fleece to a glossy long locked, soft but strong wool perfect for a rug or throw!!

Fantastic on the floor or back of a chair they are truly delicious to sink into to keep you warm and cosy as well as being on trend for your home interiors.

We have just TWO available with four having come back from the tannery and half being snapped up straight away!! For spinners...a give away as to the beautiful clean white locks you can achieve from our Whiteface Dartmoor Mule flleece which will be back in stock as soon as the shearing season is here!!

Skins are available from our shop for £90 ..


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