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  • Our *Forage Dyed* yarns have been carefully hand dyed on farm using natural dyes collected from around the farm. These gorgeous skeins are on a Masham base which has a lovely shine and lustre. 


    This colour is dyed with Marigold flowers giving a zingy yellow colour. We grow marigolds in the greenhouse over the summer as an accompanier to our tomatoes. These little plants give a huge amount of flowers that keep coming all summer.


    From their home on our farm within the Dartmoor National Park, our sheep are lovingly raised to produce this amazing fibre which is then spun locally to create our yarns.


    100g of DK is approximately 165m in length.


    All of our skeins are hand dyed and not mass produced which mean that there are some colour variances rather than solid block dye. 

    *Forage Dyed with Marigold * - Hand Dyed Masham DK 100g

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