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  • The North Country Mule is a popular fleece with lovely tight curls. Staple approximately 16cm across the fleece. One of just a couple within our flock here on the south of Dartmoor in Devon.


    All of our fleeces have been carefully skirted to minimise any waste you will have from the quantity that you purchase.


    This is RAW FLEECE, direct from the sheep that has lived a life exploring the devon countryside, some amount of vegetation, dirt, sweat and poo is inevitable. As with all of our fleeces we endeavour to provide a true and accurate description in both the wording and pictures that we provide. However, every fleece will have some variance throughout. If you should have any concerns of queries please do not hesitate to contact us.Regretably we are not able to accept the return of any fleece. This is becuase we would not be able to re-sell a product that we have not stored ourself and therefore cannot be sure of the quality of the storage and any risk of contamination or infestation.

    North Country Mule - Raw - 1.8

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