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  • BREED: North Country Mule. A lovely long locked fleece with fantastic lustre. 

    WEIGHT: 1.2KG Approximately 


    Every fleece that we sell is from this years shearing. It has been carefully hand picked and skirted to minimise waste for you. Every fleece is totally unique and full of character, sometimes that character includes a bit of hedge rustling and the associated bit of bramble or holly that may have been missed in skirting. Our rich brown soils on Dartmoor do not tend to have any colouring impact on the fleece but some of our young stock may have wintered away on red soil nearby and have a bit of colouration in the raw fleece. This is just soil and will wash out. 


    Skirted for minimal VM and wastage. There may however be some waste and areas of felting. This is RAW wool and should be tested with care. Direct from sheep and not washed.


    All of our products come from our small family flock within the Dartmoor National Park. We rear, shear and sort all of the wool on the farm and work with other local companies to produce our skins and any other products.


    The farm has a variety of different breeds of sheep to suit the varied landscape and to achieve a variety of different fleeces. The Whiteface Dartmoor ewes are a fantastic local breed suited to the farms rougher and steeper land which they graze alongside the Merino's (Bowmonts) who also thrive on the more 'Dartmoor' terrain! The Whitefaces are crossed with a Blue faced Leicester Ram to produce the more elegant 'Mule' with softer glossier locks whilst retaining the Dartmoor's excellent mothering and hardiness. 
    If you should have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us -

    North Country Mule Whole Fleece RAW 1.2kg

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