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  • This is a beautifully soft, super fine and white Merino fleece from our own ewes here in the Dartmoor National Park, Devon. The Merino has a super fine fibre which is what makes it so soft, comfortable and an incredibly high performing fibre.


    The wool is a cool white with a lovely crimp which gives its yarn a fabulous elasticity. The fleece is beautiful with just a slightly crusty/dirty tip meaning that spinners often prefer to work in the grease with this fantastic fibre finding washing unnecessary before working.


    The fine fibres also make it an amazing Felting wool! 6-8cm staple length. Every fleece is skirted and picked over by hand but as it is a raw fleece please anticipate that there is likely to be some VM and the odd short cut. We check our fleece for these short cuts/second cuts and a rise but you may find areas in any fleece, especially if buying a whole fleece.

    Raw Merino - 1k LAST ONE until 2024!!

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