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Hello! Welcome!!

Wow, what a crazy few days it has been. Thank you to everyone who has come and had a look and those that have placed orders since ‘Devon & Cornwall’ went to air on Monday night.

We don’t Blog/message too much and like to keep these updates for just that, when new stock is available or something really exciting is happening!!

We are lambing on the farm at the moment with about 40 ewes left to lamb. They seem to be taking a rest this week with only one or two new arrivals a day. We would prefer a few more but as long as they are healthy and strong we will not be complaining (too much!).

With regard to yarn and wool stock - Shearing won’t be too far away now, we will be looking to start the Hoggs (because they haven’t had lambs) soon so will have some gorgeous fleece available. We are also waiting for a place at the mill with about 40kg of Merino all ready to go. They are so busy that they stopped taking orders!

We also hope to have some sheepskins ready later in the year and skinless rugs over the summer.

Right... I’m am off to the post office!


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