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The Sheepskin Edit

Our sheepskins are all totally traceable, direct from the farm and each is completely unique. Produced in the oldest tannery in the UK using traditional techniques, just 5 miles from the farm. Our British Sheepskins have their own natural colouring and texture for a truly authentic piece.

Here is a run down of some of the gorgeous characterful Sheepskin rugs that we have available and how we style them in our own home.


Fleeces with a long staple they are mainly white with a few Dalesbred black spots of character. Each one is completely different to the next.

Whiteface Dartmoor

We are just down the road from Widecombe in the Moor, a picturesque village famous for its annual Fair and 'Cathedral of the moor' church whose spire spikes out of the moors in a dramatic valley scene. The village is also the heart of Whiteface Dartmoor country making this a breed we had to keep on the farm. The Sheepskins are curly and sumptuous.


If you are looking for a sheepskin that is just breathtakingly soft and something to sink into on a cold winters evening, then the Merino is the stand out for you! The Merino sheep has a superfine fibre which makes its wool INCREDIBLY soft!!

We only produce a limited number of skins each year and no sheepskin can ever be replicated because they are all completely unique and true to the sheep that they have come from. Unlikely mass produced, imported alternatives these skins each have a truly unique colour, size and shape from the sheep.

Find out more and Shop our limited selection at

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