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After eight long months the wait is over and the next phase of our business has begun - 100g DK Bowmont Yarn has arrived!!

The wonderfully soft wool from this super fine fibre is an exciting step forward for our Dartmoor business and will be available in Natural for knitting and dying as we all in a limited range of hand dyes.  

The wool has been spun for us just up the road in Launceston at The Natural Fibre Company where the wonderful team use age old techniques and technology to turn our raw Bowmont into the wonderful yarn we have back. 

Official product launch is Widecombe Fair on 11th September 2018 where we will have our annual stand complete with Sheep, wooly goodies and everything in between!!!

The Yarn is available now on our website with Natural at £12 and Dyed wool (Natural Dyes and Acid Dyes) from £15 coming soon. Only limited stock available.



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